YTT Countdown

October 17 2020

Around eight years ago, two YTT fans decided to do something crazy and find out what the fans liked in terms of available music videos so they could make a YTT Countdown.

Voting was conducted over a couple of weeks and then each video was found, recorded to disc and then posted off to Queensland where they were extracted, put in order from No. 100 to No. 1 and then titles and graphics were added before the video was compiled and uploaded to YouTube.

The compilation process taken about twelve hours before the uploading process taken around 18 hours at ADSL speed, now days we have NBN and it was uploaded in just 30 minutes.

So why is the Countdown back up after a long absence? To put simply a broken all-in-one computer kept it hidden until today when it was found in an unrelated folder, uploaded once more and now you’re here.

Fans will notice that there is a lack of YTT recordings from 1972 to about 1983 and that is because the majority of early episodes were not retained and VCR’s weren’t common in homes until the early 1980’s so they couldn’t be put in for consideration.

There is also no songs from YTT 2012 in there due to the show being controversial at the time as it was felt it did not live up to YTT 1971-88 and 1990 standards.

It is important to remember this was not done by professionals, it was just by two fans who were crazy enough to try it and it was tough work to make and there were plenty of ups and downs in the creation process.

Will fans attempt to do another Countdown? Probably not because it takes hours to grab all the videos, put them in order, put graphics in and then compile and upload to YouTube ready to go.

So if you got four hours to spare, this Countdown is for you.


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