Young Talent Time: Unmasked

September 28 2021

Young Talent Time: Unmasked aired on Channel Ten last Sunday night.

Fans were already treated to an anniversary special that aired online earlier this year (and on DVD) but this one was for TV so hundreds of thousands of people could see it (if you believe TV ratings).

The Channel Ten special was a late arrival in the year considering April would of been the best time to have something done as it is a sacred month for YTT fans, it has been suggested that Hey Hey going to Channel Seven for a special made Ten execs more comfortable with giving YTT some Sunday airtime.

COVID no doubt would of restricted the options that were available to Channel Ten as evident in the heavy use of archival footage as things were a lot better for Australia when Beven and company got together in Sydney in April 2021.

Fans got to see a little more of the first episode of YTT than before which was interesting for those interested in the seeing the humble beginnings of the show.

Viewers heard thoughts from Angela Bishop, Victoria Latu and John Foreman as well as YTT Producer Vicki Thirlwell.

Dannii and Tina were together on location while Johnny Young was on a TV screen and Karen Knowles, , Beven Addinsall, Vince Deltito, Jane Scali, Natalie Miller and Joe Perrone had archival appearances though the Joe Perrone footage was specifically made for the special as you could tell by the background.

Mark Stevens appearance was from a Studio 10 segment from months ago and an appearance by the Redfern Brothers was made several years ago, as people know Jamie and Derek said no to the April 2021 reunion.

It was reported by Jamie that Derek, Debra, Trevor, Rod and himself gave producers a directive to not include any footage of them, obviously this was disregarded but in reality most people knew that because Jamie said no to April 2021, he wasn’t going to be a hypocrite and say yes to the TV special.

The life of Juanita Coco was given significant airtime, in many minds she is an angel who gifted people two years of wonderful television plus the 1990 special in her short lifespan, she is like a James Dean or a Buddy Holly who have lived on in the minds of people long after their death.

A funny thing about Unmasked was that YTT 2012 was not mentioned despite Tina Arena being a important piece of the show, there seems to be a YTT 2012 phobia in the YTT world, they should call 2012 “Voldemort”.

YouTube channels with YTT content no doubt experienced an increase of views over the course of the night, we noticed a rise in numbers for the hour especially for Jamie Redfern videos, people just cannot get enough of him.

People feel disappointed in the special because it did not have as many of the surviving members of the 1971-88 era appearing in it and people expected more than the Big Two (three if you count Johnny Young) with mostly archival footage filling in the rest.

It is understandable but it is also understandable that COVID would of lowered options and there was likely a time factor involved as there was no doubt that this special was commissioned in a short amount of time.

The gold standard of YTT specials is the DVD titled Young Talent Time The Collection and of course the DVD of reunion in April 2021.

Young Talent Time: Unmasked is on Ten Play and there was a copy on YouTube but it has been removed.


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