Post YTT 2012 Music Videos

The second YTT era only lasted the one year but thankfully the majority of the Young Talent Team went on to record music for themselves to the present day.

Awaking Tyler is Tyler’s band and their second single was ‘Scream’, the lyric video has almost 3,700 views at this present time (December 7 2020) and the song can be heard on places like Apple Music and Spotify.

People like nice expensive looking cars and also having baths, Tia had both in her music video ‘Stranded’ and it has done well with over 15,000 views.

If memory serves correctly, Tia was the first YTT 2012 member to release a song after the show ended.

Aydan has been releasing a steady amount of music videos and he featured on a single titled ‘Me, You and Tequila’ with Tigerlily, the official music video is here and the above music video is Aydan’s cover of the song that he featured in.

Michelle has recently been going by Chelle Tamika and has recently released the music video ‘Jaded’, this is the fourth music video on her YouTube channel.

Adrien goes by AXI (pronounced Ak-see) and is quite popular at the moment, he has released three songs on Spotify and Konstead’s “Bella” that features AXI has over 400,000 listens.

Nic has released seven videos in 2020 though it appears not a whole lot of people know about it, hopefully this changes soon.

Lyndall has been quiet in recent years, until today (December 14 2020) when she released a video covering the song “Creep”.


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