The 50th Anniversary plan

April 8 2021

Johnny Young and his team have started to unveil what they’re going to do about the 50th anniversary of the debut of Young Talent Time.

Nobody knows who will be part of the celebrations though those who have been around the traps long enough have a fair idea of who would be involved.

It is unknown whether the 2012 team and Rob Mills will have any part of the 50th anniversary, all the focus has been on the 1971-90 run (including the VHS special) so that indicates that the second run of Young Talent Time may not be included.

It looks like they were be a subscription special followed by an event in Adelaide down the track and a tour later on, our guess is the tour if it happens would be like Go!!! or the Countdown tours.

Fans are excited though 2012 fans are a little downhearted about the last team being forgotten, hopefully some room for them will be found on the subscription special as they are part of YTT history and they did their darn best despite all the abuse that was thrown their way and the no win situation of competing against both the AFL and the NRL.


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