YTT Disharmony

April 22 2021

Not everything is sweet in the land of Young Talent Time at least in the 1971-90 camp as the 2012 gang is pretty harmonious at the moment.

When the 50th Anniversary was announced, there was great excitement particularly by the fans who liked the show in the 1980’s while the 1970’s and 2012 crowd stayed pretty quiet.

But not every YTT member was running to jump aboard as Debra Byrne said No to the reunion and shows, Jamie and Derek Redfern said No and Trevor Hindmarch all publicly said No.

You would of thought that Jamie Redfern would of happily dropped everything for YTT because he’s always been around for all the big moments like the beginning (very important), having his songs on YTT records long after he left the show and when he was needed like the anniversary shows etc. but no he is sitting it out.

The original 1971 team may only be represented by Phillip and Jane, maybe Rod and Vicki both decided no, I’ve done my bit for Johnny, Fans and Country and now it is time to settle down and enjoy life or maybe they just have other plans.

So after Phillip and Jane would come Greg Mills (member #5 on alphabetical order over the late Julie Ryles) who technically is the longest serving member of YTT behind Johnny Young as he spent many years behind the scenes.

Conflict has been brewing for several months if not years, there has been a lot of muscle flexing going on as certain people are throwing their weight around and it hasn’t been taken nicely.

People who have said no to the reunion have been blocked from the Anniversary group and this includes YTT members who said no, they may not be participating but they could of played a part in their own way in the group like giving accurate information.

There’s hints that a couple of books from members mentioning YTT will be released in the future, it will be interesting to see just how much disharmony surrounds the people in the iconic show in writing.


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