Warts and All or Pure Sunshine?

May 11 2021

Warts and All or Pure Sunshine?

The history of Young Talent Time seems to be skewed towards the latter, people want to talk about the good times and not remember that there was a personal price paid for the entertainment to come through our CRT’s that old TV’s had during YTT’s 1971-90 run.

When Debra Byrne brought up what she reports happened to her in the 1970’s, people didn’t really like that, it is a topic that has raised its head over the last couple of years if not longer in time and it is logical to say “Hey it wasn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!” though perhaps not mentioning names would of been wise.

What do you do? If you post something serious in a YTT group, you’re going to get accused of crashing the party, do you post it on your personal page which means people will see it but not as much as the full YTT fan base.

People wanted to celebrate the good times of Young Talent Time and not talk about the bad, I don’t think it would of gone down well if somebody said on camera “Well I once got a song wrong and insert name here called me an x, y and z”.

Jamie Redfern, Derek Redfern and Trevor Hindmarch have all reported unpleasant experiences off camera which seem to point to verbal abuse, the Redfern’s are not spilling everything but Trevor Hindmarch is happy to tell people exactly what he experienced and how angry he and the Hindmarch family got.

Jamie Redfern won’t say much more on the subject, when he writes about a subject he tells you the beginning, middle and end of his story, nothing more or less but occasionally an additional tidbit will spill out somewhere on the internet.

What happened to Debra seems to be brushed off as a mental health issue which is a quick and easy way to sweep things away and revert all eyes back to YTT’s celebrations without too much scrutiny.

Right now people are fighting each other over whether to post about the negativity or stay with the positives, the negatives have the right to be heard as long as it is done tastefully just like when a positive story is posted.

You won’t see 100% satisfaction on this issue but remember everyone to be respectful of rules and keep things civil at all times.


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