Awaking Tyler is on Atomic

Tyler Wilford’s band Awaking Tyler is now on Atomic.

Atomic is a music platform designed for Independent artists in Australia to have their music sold on it or streamed with elements of a social networking added in.

Tyler’s fans can be of enormous help to the band by doing these easy steps that you can get done in about 20 minutes all up.

1. visit
2. Sign up to create an account for yourself (it’s free)
3. In the search bar search for Live Again and Scream
4. Listen to both songs and of course do it one song at a time
5. On each song page give it a like, a repost and leave one (friendly) comment.

A listen is worth one point when you do so every 24 hours or so, a like is worth 5 points, a repost is worth 5 points and leaving one comment is also worth five points.

This is important because as Saturday night ends, the points are tallied up for the week and the Top 20 go into the Atomic Countdown, the Countdown is a show that is played online on Atomic Radio on Tuesday night and is pretty much replayed twice a day after that.

The Atomic Countdown is also played on FM stations in NSW and Victoria so “Live Again” and “Scream” could be heard in more places thanks to you.

Please consider helping out, you can help create a great future for so many.


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