Tyler’s Atomic Success

September 28 2021

Tyler Wilford’s band Awaking Tyler over the course of this year has had success on the music platform Atomic

His band’s song “Live Again” got as high up as No. 4 on the Atomic Countdown chart and it had enjoyed over a month’s stay on the chart.

The song and the follow up “Scream” can enter or re-enter the chart at any time thanks to fan interaction, signing up to Atomic and giving the song a like, a comment and a repost generates points for the song to go with the point generated by your first listen of the song.

November 2021 will be an interesting time as Atomic plays the Atomic 100 and the Atomic 100 is determined by the amount of points a song has gathered over the course of 2021 and as “Live Again” got as high as No. 4 on the music chart it should be able to get into the Top 100 for the year.

So if you’re interested in helping out just click on the links to “Live Again” and “Scream” and press play.


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