YTT’s most viewed YouTube Video

February 3 2022

What is YTT’s most viewed video on YouTube?

You probably didn’t need to guess because the Minogue sisters doing their thing on stage with “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” is brought up regularly especially on retrospectives of the show.

448,000+ views have been recorded over the last fourteen years, that averages out to be 32,000 views a year.

Video of Nicole Kidman’s appearance on the show is No. 2 with 277,000+ views racked up for Videoxcore’s YouTube Channel.

Believe it or not, the opener for the 2012 version of YTT is third with 137,000+ views though if you want to be technical and based the count on music performances only, it jumps up to No. 2.

Jack Vidgen’s appearance on the 2012 version of YTT was popular with 114,000+ views going to Marajax’s YouTube channel to check it out.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Dannii and Vince on LookAtMe509’s YouTube channel and it has just over 98,000 views.

The seventh place video is interesting as it is on the channel #1YTTFan, you got to like people who have confidence in their level of fandom compared to everyone else.

So now you know what video is the most viewed by using either Young Talent Time or YTT, did you know that YTT is also used by Yoga so if you get an unusual stream of people entering a YTT group, they’re probably expecting yoga tips not music.


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