Jamie Redfern Talent Showcase

Jamie Redfern has a Talent Showcase up and running on YouTube and it is called Jamie Redfern Talent Showcase (Redfern’s Rascals).

There’s over four thousand dollars on offer to the winner and there is a lot of talented people who have played a role in the showcase and according to the Facebook group they are;

Derek Redfern (YTT, Television and Country Music Star)
Gavin Wood (The Voice of Countdown and much loved Australian Television Personality), Graeme McKee (Westside Talent Executive)
Phil Mahoney (Entertainer and Talent Scout)
Tim Henwood (Aussie Rock Legend and Front-Man of The Androids)
The Singing Kettles (Legendary Australian Country Music Pioneers)
Rod Jerman (Entertainer and WIN Television Executive)
Damien Baguley (Aussie Country Music Superstar and Lead Singer of The Viper Creek Band).

Those selected for the showcase can be voted on at the cost of a dollar per vote and that dollar goes to feeding hungry kids which is the right thing to do especially in these crazy economic and social times.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold over time and hopefully it is a great success.


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