Two in the Atomic Hundred for Awaking Tyler

December 3 2022

Awaking Tyler has the perfect record on Atomic, they have two songs on the music platform and both songs made the Atomic Hundred for 2022, the Atomic Hundred is when all of Atomic’s songs are ranked by points and the top 100 of them are in the Atomic Hundred.

Scream” occupies No. 60 and “Live Again” occupies No. 62 on the hundred which is a great result for Tyler and his band.

“Scream” being the highest one is good for the song as it has struggled to get the same love that “Live Again” has as that song keeps on receiving surges of popularity (which it deserves).

Can Awaking Tyler make it for a third year in a row? stay tuned and find out in late 2023.


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