Farewell Bobby

The majority of YTT fans woke up on December 30 to the news that Bobby Driessen passed away in his sleep on December 28.

The news of his death was beside the legendary soccer player Pele and that was somewhat fitting as both of them were considered legends in their fields.

Bobby was a popular member of the Young Talent Team, it was unfortunate that his time on YTT was largely during the quiet time of YTT record releases so record selections are limited but fans had the foresight of recording the TV episodes on early VHS and Beta machines and many years later uploaded them on YouTube.

Bobby may be physically gone but as long as the fan posts are flowing on social media, the YouTube videos are playing and the YTT records are spinning then Bobby Driessen will live on for a very long time and will be never forgotten by the legion of YTT fans and the generally curious.

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