LP Review – Young Talent Time Volume 2

In the first EP, everybody got to have two songs plus one team song and one Johnny Young song.

In Volume two, the album was shared by nine past and present members of the Young Talent Team doing solos, two team songs and Johnny Young got a song in as well.

Thanks to Gary86, all songs are on YouTube making this review even easier for you to follow.

Everything is Beautiful – Rod Kirkham

This is a cover of Ray Stevens #1 hit in 1970, this version by Rod personally sounds a lot better than the original, it has that happier sound, a faster delivery and would be great to play in a Church.

You Need A Friend – Debra Byrne

This is a version of “You’ve Got A Friend” by Carole King and of course famously covered by James Taylor.

This performance by Debra is a great one because this version can easily be in rotation with the versions by Carole King and James Taylor.

Sweet Caroline – Philip Gould

“Sweet Caroline” the classic Neil Diamond song was given to Philip Gould to give it his magic and he did give it his magic because this is a good rendition of the song.

Sadie – Trevor Hindmarch

Trevor’s first YTT recording, and it is “Sadie” (aka Sadie the Cleaning Lady) which depending on who you ask may have been an unfortunate choice of song for Trevor to make his YTT recording debut with.

It is an enthusiastic rendition which is good because Johnny Farnham didn’t leave a whole lot of options after his No. 1 hit of 1967 thanks to that fake hatred of the song that made it even more popular.

I Think I Love You – Jane Scali

Chances are you’ll think of the Partridge Family when you think of the song “I Think I Love You” but it was also a song that Jane Scali had a crack at doing on Volume 2.

It is an enthusiastic rendition of the song and that’s good, you don’t want to hear something dreary, it comes in at a short and sweet two minutes and seven seconds (perhaps too short) and it all just works out really fine.

Reach for the Sun – Ensemble

We’ve come to the final song of Side 1 or Side A depending on which terminology you like to use.

This song was used at the start of Caravan Holiday, the popular 1972 short film that starred the then eight-member Young Talent Team.

Johnny Young leads this song so technically he got to have two songs on this album not that anybody minded.

It feels like only half the Young Talent Team sings in this one, there’s none of the distinctive male voices in it but it is not a bad thing if that is the case as the song was done just fine.

Side 2

I Thank You – Jamie Redfern

Jamie Redfern was well established in the United States of America when this album came out, it is a Johnny Young penned song and was famously recorded by legendary boxer Lionel Rose, Jamie knocks this song out of the park.

Fool On The Hill – Vicki Broughton

The above may have a Volume 2 cover as the thumbnail but viewers will see The Final Farewell artwork upon playing it but it is no big deal, we’re still on Volume 2.

It’s good that the producers didn’t copy the hits from start to finish and in the same style as it just would have been boring, instead we got to hear the Young Talent Team at their finest even if some song choices were quite bizarre.

It’s A Happy Day – Johnny Young

A Johnny Young performance was not unusual in the early years of YTT records, for years there would be Jamie Redfern songs on albums years after he left the show and Evie Hayes and Denis Walter even got on albums too for some reason.

Down on the Corner – Greg Mills

Greg Mills had his recording debut on this album as Vol. 1 featured the original six in early 1971 and he was part of the first team expansion that was later on that year.

“Down on the Corner” was the song of choice and it’s a good performance for the kid who would stay on YTT for the majority of its run by being either on camera or leading the music.

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows – Julie Ryles

Julie Ryles made her YTT recording debut on this one, she joined the Young Talent Team in late 1971 along with Greg Mills.

Julie got the short end of the stick on this album as her performance is under two minutes in length, it is true that the Lesley Gore version is also a short song so perhaps they could have given Julie something longer to sing to showcase what she could do.

This song is alright, but it just feels like a talent was wasted as she could do so much better what better material.

Look What They’ve Done To My Song – Ensemble

The final song of Side 2 and it is a good one, this is a rendition of the song by Melanie.

Unlike “Reach for the Sun”, the Young Talent Team got to do all this song, so you’ll hear various team members singing a line or two in the almost three-and-a-half-minute track.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Pros: Everybody got a turn

Cons: Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, they should have given Julie Ryles something better.


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