ThatSingerReactions’ look at Tina Arena’s music

There’s a style of video on YouTube where people film themselves reacting to videos they’re watching and people have been reacting to music videos which is cool, but it can also get annoying as reactors seem to copy what everybody else is doing so if one reactor looks at a John Farnham song, the rest will too for some strange reason.

ThatSingerReactions has been checking out Australian music artists and Tina Arena came to his attention and Tina’s final performance was one of those viewed and reacted to.

Being American, ThatSingerReactions wouldn’t have known all about Young Talent Time, but he learns pretty quickly about everything thanks to his audience and then he just wants to know more.

It wasn’t the only YTT video that ThatSingerReactions looked at, the above just had to be looked at too, he’s lucky that Tina was on the show when Channel 10 was starting to get better with their tape preserving and people forked out the cash for early VCR’s and Beta’s.

It is no surprise that he went on to look at a whole range of Tina’s music videos and live performances.

We wonder if her 2012 performances will get a look at, the one with Aydan and the one with the Young Talent Team, they’re below if you haven’t seen them for a while, maybe we should make it happen.


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